Substance Use Treatment in Yorktown Heights, NY
Yorktown Heights

Francine Bassani, CASAC


Francine is a substance use counselor with a strong passion for helping others overcome addiction. Before joining The Counseling Center at Yorktown in 2016, Francine managed a large retail company for three years. However, her interest in addiction led her to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Western Connecticut State University, which she completed in 2017.
Francine's personal experiences have made her committed to making a real impact on people's lives. She has witnessed a close family member struggle with addiction, giving her a unique perspective on the relevance of mental health issues in substance use. As a Counselor, she facilitates groups, develops treatment and relapse prevention plans, and manages a caseload. Francine prefers utilizing the positive psychology approach, believing that individuals can make a change within themselves. She finds seeing people become happier and live a self-fulfilling life very satisfying.