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Discover Outpatient Drug And Alcohol Treatment Near Yorktown Heights

If you are recovering from substance use, The Counseling Center is here to help. We'll uncover ways to cope with your unique obstacles and any related concerns with individual and group therapy. We utilize established, evidence-based methods in all treatments, like our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). While you continue to thrive, you’ll cultivate the coping mechanisms and abilities you must have to mend relationships and move on to a more rewarding life without drugs or alcohol.

Reach Your Recovery Goals At The Counseling Center

Drug and alcohol disorders normally occur in conjunction with other behavioral health challenges, but everyone is different. The Counseling Center At Yorktown Heights personalizes your therapy to consider all aspects of addiction to enhance your chances of a successful recovery. Explore a comprehensive offering of outpatient treatment programs near Yorktown Heights to guide you in confronting the root causes of substance use, and cultivate strategies for stress and anxiety.

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Get Continuing Support For Your Sobriety With Our Intensive Outpatient Program

Our Intensive Outpatient Program near Yorktown Heights is recommended if you have finished an inpatient rehab program or detox, live in the local area, and require ongoing help in preserving sobriety. In therapy, you'll expand on what you did in rehab and acquire additional coping methods to replace drugs or alcohol. This outpatient program lets you partake in therapy sessions as much as four times a week. We offer both day and night sessions so you can keep up with your normal work and family duties.

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Outpatient Counseling Allows You To Preserve A Lasting Recovery Near Yorktown Heights

Your stage in drug or alcohol recovery will determine your treatments. When you have finalized detox and inpatient rehab, you could be approved for the Outpatient Counseling Program (OP) at The Counseling Center. Outpatient substance use treatment near Yorktown Heights affords you the chance to reside at your house and participate in your usual activities while still receiving exceptional substance use counseling. You'll engage in one-on-one and group therapy during selected times at our facility and apply what you learn to your daily life.

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Individualize Your Program With Medication-Assisted Treatment

The Counseling Center is committed to providing personalized care, including Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) tailored to your own situation. Our highly-trained specialists are able to aid you in determining appropriate prescriptions -- such as Vivitrol or Suboxone -- to manage drug or alcohol cravings. When incorporated with counseling, MAT is able to help many individuals progress in their alcohol and drug recovery and maintain sobriety.


Get Started On A Program For Substance Use

Now You are able to request compassionate, experienced care for alcohol and drug use now. Call 914-977-0608 or complete the form below, and we will reply in a prompt fashion. We are here to speak with you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Counseling Center At Yorktown Heights is standing by to assist you.


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