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Our Mission

Our objective is to provide treatment to address addiction concerns that regularly are part of substance and alcohol use. The professionals at our outpatient treatment center in Yorktown Heights will provide the support you need to better understand yourself, develop effective coping strategies, and take control over substance use by dealing with the issues surrounding addiction. Every person who reaches out to us will find the compassionate, expert help they need for an enduring recovery.

Patients at The Counseling Center

Why Go To The Counseling Center At Yorktown Heights?

For some individuals, mental illness or personal trauma heavily contributes to drug or alcohol use disorder. Confronting these core causes provides a greater probability of long-lasting recovery. Our highly trained substance use clinicians in Yorktown Heights utilize a wide range of methods to pinpoint and address the reasons behind addiction. Through therapy and other treatments, you'll cultivate coping skills and find approaches needed for recovery Then you are able to use these tools to lead a life free of drugs and alcohol.

According to your needs, you may begin one of the following programs:

You'll enjoy individualized treatment adjusted to you in all of these choices. Once you enroll, you’ll undergo a thorough evaluation and work with our team to decide which program would suit your recovery goals most appropriately. We'll create a path with group and individual therapies to help you handle your substance or alcohol use and put your life back together.

Our Staff

Dair Melendez-Drier, LMHC, Advanced Counselor, Clinical Director
Dair Melendez-Drier, LMHC, CASAC-Advanced Counselor
Clinical Director
Dair Melendez-Drier, LMHC, CASAC is a native upstate New Yorker. A graduate of Empire State College, she has over 20 years of experience in mental/behavioral health and addiction treatment, including experience at the American Red Cross (Certified AIDS/HIV Counselor), Catholic Charities, the Lexington Center for Recovery, RECAP, and the Office of Children and Family Services. 
Christopher Rienas, Psychiatrist, M.D.

Dr. Christopher Rienas brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his role as a Medical Director at Praesum Healthcare. Double board-certified in both Addiction Psychiatry and General Psychiatry, Dr. Rienas continues to elevate our programs treating substance use and mental health disorders with his deep understanding of addiction and psychiatry.

Stephen Cook Head Shot
Stephen Cooke
Born in Stratford-upon-Avon, England, Stephen Cooke brings over a decade of experience in international and American healthcare communications to Praesum. A prolific writer and published author, Stephen has dedicated his career to promoting health and recovery across various organizations.

About Praesum

The Counseling Center operates within the Praesum Healthcare network. Praesum opened its original facility in 2004 as we identified a necessity for more customized addiction treatment in East Coast communities. We now offer first-rate behavioral healthcare at dozens of facilities in five states.

Our goal is to treat drug and alcohol use disorders with proven processes customized to the people and families we serve. We believe we are more equipped to help patients achieve their recovery goals by focusing on their requirements and serving them with respect. Every class of facility in our family of companies is meant for a specific phase of the drug and alcohol recovery process, but at each one, you'll discover the same exceptional treatment and compassion that Praesum has become well-known for.

Explore Our Continuum of Care

In the event you are looking for therapy for addiction, The Counseling Center is the leading outpatient treatment center in Yorktown Heights. However, our services are most beneficial after you have concluded other treatment programs ahead of time, like detox and inpatient rehabilitation. If you need substance use services before or along with starting one of our programs, feel free to inquire about our other recovery facilities:

Our Accreditations

There’s no need to be concerned about the level of your addiction care. The Counseling Center Yorktown Heights is an accredited, valued behavioral healthcare treatment center. The Joint Commission has given us the Gold Seal of Approval for our devotion to the highest level of treatment and medical compliance.

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