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Outpatient Rehab In Yorktown Heights

We know that outpatient rehab in Yorktown Heights should not be a universal, standard approach for everyone. This is why our experts at The Counseling Center will evaluate and put you in the proper program in accordance to your stage of rehab. Our services for outpatient rehab to treat alcohol and drug use disorders and teach you the skills you need to reclaim your life.

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Get The Help You Need In Our Intensive Outpatient Program In Yorktown Heights

Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) in Yorktown Heights offers outpatient substance use rehab in Yorktown Heights. IOP is suitable if you don’t require constant inpatient treatment but still need a set schedule of therapy to stay sober. This is a logical next step if you have completed residential rehab and wish to move forward from what you learned there.

Every week in IOP, you’ll go to three group therapy sessions and a single individual therapy session. These are designed to give you the support you require to steer clear of drug or alcohol use while engaging in your everyday responsibilities. You will learn about addiction, and then return to your usual day-to-day routine. Management of your medication might also be included in your personalized IOP strategy.

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Curb Cravings With Medication-Assisted Treatment

Cravings can be a tough barrier when you’re trying to avoid relapse. If urges are inhibiting your recovery, the expert therapists at The Counseling Center Yorktown Heights can provide assistance with Medication-assisted Treatment (MAT). In MAT, you receive safe medications to ease cravings and eliminate the urge to use alcohol or drugs.

When incorporated with therapy and health-conscious habits, MAT is able to help individuals attain long-term recovery. Our staff conducts comprehensive appraisals before suggesting this option and personalizes the protocol for each individual. This is simply one way we help you establish the basis for long-term recovery.

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